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Over the past few months we have been listening to the stories of remarkable women in Durban and publishing them in our new library. Although this library is not the traditional dusty archive of paperbacks and leather-bound hard covers you would expect... this library is wearable! Julia Franco and Sociologist Dylan McGarry have recently launched their new social enterprise entitled "THE WEARABLE LIBRARY PROJECT" in a collection called, SHWE.

This project works with extraordinary women who have survived extraordinary odds, at THE ASSOCIATION FOR THE AGED (TAFTA), THE SEWING FOR AFRICA PROJECT and PROJECT HOPE in Durban South Africa. Each garment comes with a story of the women who made them - as we cannot continue to live in a dream world where we believe that everything we consume is made in a vacuum. Everything you own has a story, and everything you buy was made by a person who has a voice. Join the ‪#‎TheWearableLibrary‬ 

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