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Meet Edith

Edith is an adventurer and incredible story-teller. You can name an African country and she will tell you a captivating account of that land, that will involve some rare bird and a near scrape with death. Edith spent most of her life as a professional exotic bird trapper, supplying private aviaries and zoos in Europe. This meant she would spend weeks and weeks on end slashing through steamy jungles or crossing desolate dunes to find the bird she needed, she is something out of a Wilbur Smith novel. In the 1980s she found herself in the crossfire of the Angolan/South African boarder war while looking for multicoloured 'bee-eater' birds. To escape the bullets and other ammunition, she hid in the...

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Meet Marthie

When we first met Marthie she was a quiet mousey Tannie (Auntie), who was very shy. As the weeks moved on, and we worked more closely developing a friendship with her she began to blossom and reveal her generous, kind and delicate soul. She has a special gift and love for knitting. She creates richly complicated garments, and is endearingly modest of her exceptional talent. She has three sons, that include a pair of twins, with one living in Hong Kong. She proudly shared with us the photographs of her son's wedding recently, where she designed her own dress for the occasion. Her capacities stretch way beyond knitting. We are always delighted to see the incredible dresses she wears when...

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