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Meet Gloria

Gloria’s ancestor’s hail from Ireland and Mauritius, she chuckles: “My brother has red hair, black eyebrows and a blonde mustache”. She learned to knit at the age of six, with initial guidance from her mother, until she eventually flew solo and taught herself the rest. “…the first thing I made was a scarf for my brother, who would wear it proudly while it flapped behind him on his bicycle.” Gloria raised four children as a single mother, and would knit to make ends meet “…I fired my first husband when my youngest child was just six months old… I had to find ways to supplement my income, and so I would take on knitting commissions.”  With a BA in social...

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Meet Mavis

When trying to recall how old she was when she started crocheting Mavis crumples her eyebrows and giggles with a wry smile: “Now you are asking something… I suppose I was 10 or so”… after a long pause Mavis realizes that she has been crocheting for over half a century “…as long as that!” she lets out a surprised sigh. Mavis is the ultimate innovator at the Wearable Library Project. She courageously edits and adapts crochet patterns to accommodate her latest inspiration, or as Mavis puts it: “I improvise.” An accomplished designer and inspired collaborator, she might have a secret super power as no one else can work as fast as her. She brings us a new garment almost every...

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Meet Sylvia

Eighty Three year old Sylvia is our oldest Author, she was born in Cranebrook (a little village in in the Tuglea district, in northern Kwa-Zulu Natal). Born to Mauritian parents and at home she spoke French and Créole with her mum. She learned English and how to knit at school at the age six, and ever since, story-telling and knitting have become synonymous with each other. “I remember the first thing I made for myself was a little sweater with short sleeves – I was so proud of myself… later I remember we had to knit socks and scarves for the soldiers in the second world war.” She remembers knitting her whole life, always making something for her children, or...

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